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Espoon Jäätaiturit is a top-level figure skating club and a warm-hearted community. It is essential to us that our values guide our daily activities. We want joy, encouragement, purposefulness, safety, and community to be a part of every skater, coach, and club member's life on and off the ice.


We skate with the motto "with a big heart". For us, it means not only the joy and passion for skating at the individual level but also responsibility and consideration for everyone at the club level. We take responsibility for everyone's right to enjoy sports in a healthy and safe manner and to be treated equally and respectfully.


Espoon Jäätaiturit was founded in 1985. Our competitive and recreational activities involve over 700 children and young people, as well as around 100 adults. The operation is made possible by professional coaches and a large group of volunteers.


We practice in several ice rinks in Espoo, mainly in Leppävaara, Matinkylä, and Tapiola. Supplementary training facilities are usually located very close to the ice rinks, allowing for an efficient training experience.



Figure skating is great fun for everyone. Want to learn the basics of skating or spin like a pro? Looking to improve your fitness, balance and strength? Or simply just want to have some fun and meet new people? No matter what level you are, at Espoon Jäätaiturit you’ll find skating lessons for adults and children, from beginner to advanced levels, at multiple ice rinks throughout Espoo. 


We nurture figure skaters of all ages and levels in a positive skating school community where skills develop and confidence grows. Our skating school provides a fun environment to learn, improve, and master skating skills with guidance from our professionally trained instructors. We are excited to help you on your skating journey, come skate with us!

Ukrainian children can join skating school for free. Please be in contact directly with club's office: esjt(at)

On this page you can find information about our training groups for beginners. If you’re interested in groups suitable for more advanced skaters, please visit other pages on our website (unfortunately only in Finnish) or be in touch via email: esjt(at)

We’ll be happy to help you!


These groups are aimed at children under 7 years old.




Wednesdays 10.01.-27.03.2024

18:05-18:45 Tapiola Practice Rink

Price 142€ including skating fee, club’s membership fee and skating pass

Thursdays 11.01.-28.03.2024

17:20-18:00 Genano Areena Leppävaara

Price 142€ including skating fee, club’s membership fee and skating pass

Saturdays 13.01.-23.03.2024

11:00-11:40 Tapiola Practice Rink
last lesson on Thursday 28.3, 17:20-18.00 Genano Areena, Leppävaara

Price 142€ including skating fee, club’s membership fee and skating pass



Sundays 07.01.-24.03.2023

10:30-11:10 Genano Areena Leppävaara

Price 142€ including skating fee, club’s membership fee and skating pass

Wednesdays 10.01.-27.03.2024

17:15-17:55 Tapiola Practice Rink

Price 142€ including skating fee, club’s membership fee and skating pass


An adult and one child can participate in the adult-child group. In the group, we get to know how to move on the ice together and learn skating skills at the child’s level and pace. The group is especially for children who need a familiar adult to accompany them on the ice at the beginning of the hobby or who have special needs. Note! The child should know how to stand on ice with skates on and the adult should know how to move on the ice. These skating lessons are aimed for the children.

Sundays  07.01.-24.03.2024

9:30-10:10 Genano Areena, Leppävaara

Price 162 € including skating fee, club’s membership fee and skating pass for the child.


These groups are intended for children over 7 years old. AH stands for beginner groups (alkeisharrasteryhmät). More advanced skaters from the skating school can move on to H1 or H2 groups.


Wednesdays 10.01.-27.03.2024

18:30-19:15 Tapiola Practice Rink

Price 162€ including skating fee, club’s membership fee and skating pass


Saturdays 13.01.-23.03.2024

11:55-12:45 Tapiola Practice Rink
last lesson on Wednesday 27.03, 18:30-19:15 Tapiola Practice Rink 

Price 162€ including skating fee, club’s membership fee and skating pass


Sundays 07.01.-24.03.2024

12:10-13:00 Genano Areena Leppävaara

Price 162€ including skating fee, club’s membership fee and skating pass


Whether you are a beginner looking to learn basics or a more experienced skater looking to take your skills to the next level, we have a class for you: a skating school for beginners, various figure skating groups for adults ranging from basic skills to intermediate levels, a synchronized skating group for beginners and three adult synchronized skating teams.


This is for you if you have never skated, or it's been a long time since the last time and you want to improve your skills at a leisurely pace. In this group basic skating skills will be practiced, starting with forward and backward skating, braking and falling safely. It is recommended to wear a helmet, especially if you have not skated before. The coach has long experience in coaching adult skaters. 


Sundays  7.1. - 24.3.2024

11:10-12:00 Genano Areena Leppävaara

Coach Pauliina Nuotiomaa

Price 195€ + the club’s membership fee 25€. Please note that you also have to have a skating license for the season which you have to purchase yourself.


We recommend purchasing skates from a store specialized for Figure Skating equipment. A good skating shoe supports the position of the foot and the right kind of figure skating blade is essential for learning new skills. Skates are worth investing in, the price is usually a guarantee of quality. A novice skater can buy good skates either used or new. You also need blade guards, thin, elastic clothes in layers, gloves and we recommend a warm cap to cover the head. A helmet is optional.

Need help or have questions regarding skating school? Coach will help you via e-mail at luistelukoulu(at) or you can call 040-934 3037 (from Monday to Friday) at 9-15.


  • In the fall season the skating school starts at the beginning of September and ends in mid-December. The winter season starts in January and ends usually at the spring show in March/April. 

  • Registration is binding and there is no refund in case the skater quits in the middle of the season. 

  • It is not possible to attend another class if the skater has missed his/her own class.

  • The Club insures all skaters under the age of 15 who take part in the skating school. The insurance is valid for those skating school children whose social security number has been filled in on the registration form and after the skating school's season fee has been paid.

  • A skater older than 15 years must purchase a Skating licence for the season. Read more about the licences and how to purchase one in Finnish Figure Skating Associations Skating Licences.

  • Please NOTE that in the adult + child group the adult needs to have an own insurance!

  • There might be changes in the practice schedule due to ice hockey tournaments etc. events at the ice rinks. The information about the changes is given at the club’s web page. The club is not liable to organize compensatory classes for those practice sessions that have been canceled due to reasons independent of the club, e.g. ice hockey tournaments, prohibition of use of the ice rink etc.

  • Those skaters who started skating school in the fall season automatically have a place in the same group in the winter season. Cancellation is required before the winter season starts in January. Winter season fees need to be paid.

  • From the second skating lesson you can get a 20% discount.

  • Note that you can not attend skating school without enrollment.

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